FROSTED FOREST Bath Soak 20 oz


Soak in the holiday spirit with our FROSTED FOREST bath soak. Close your eyes as the scent transports you to the sights and smells of a wintery walk through the forest.

The 20 oz jar has enough for 8-10 soothing soaks.

Product Details

Bathing in salt can help enrich the skin and detoxify the body thanks to the abundance of sodium, magnesium, and calcium found in sea salt..

Sea Salt and Fragrance Oil Blends.

Scent Profile

Limited Edition Fragrance

Frosted Forest – Enjoy the serene scent of cypress needles, balsam fir, and cedarwood.

How To Enjoy

Pour up to 4oz into a soaking tub filled with warm bathwater. Swirl the water for even distribution and soak for at least 15 minutes.

Your skin will thank you!

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All Skin Types
Sulfate Free

Crafted by Artisans. Cherished by You.

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FROSTED FOREST Bath Soak 20 oz