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In Winter, It’s Hip to Be Hygge

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on Jan 22nd 2019

In Winter, It’s Hip to Be Hygge

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on Jan 22nd 2019

In Winter, It’s Hip to Be Hygge

Whether you’re a winter sports fanatic who can’t get enough of the slopes or a cold-weather hermit who refuses to leave the house when the snow flies, everyone can benefit from a little (or better yet, a lot) of hygge in their life.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is drawn from Danish and Norwegian culture and refers to that special feeling of coziness, comfort, and contentment that comes when picture-perfect ambience is achieved.

For example, search the term on Pinterest and you’re likely to find images of steaming cocoa, handknit socks, and feet by the fire. In our minds, we can’t think of anything more hygge than a perfectly drawn bath complemented by just the right aromas and self-care favorites.

Water has a remarkable power to calm that can be tapped into easily with just the turn of a faucet. A bath, while simple and seemingly mundane, can ground us in unexpected and much-needed ways.

While most of us bathe daily (oftentimes a fast shower before work), the experience of a bath intentionally made for relaxation and reflection requires an entirely different recipe. For instance, you might light a candle or two, turn down the dimmer on the bathroom lights, and bump up the thermostat a bit.

The water temperature must also meet a fine balance, especially for dry winter skin—not too hot but warm enough to stay in as long as you like. And then comes the really fun part…deciding which special scents and soaps will accompany you on your hygge retreat.

Perhaps try a sprinkle of signature bath salts made with pure sea salts in a warming fragrance, like Vetiver. Match with your favorite Provence soap or mix it up with a hygroscopic (moisture-attracting) Honey Soap.

The fine honeycomb feeling is satisfying to the fingers, and the rich, smooth lather is perfect for pampering. Matched with a sweet, divine scent that lingers on the skin, Honey Royal Jelly Soap is a small, beautiful way to spoil yourself.

For enhanced lather and exfoliation, a Sisal Washcloth is a nice touch. A gentle, kind material that can even be used for the face, our 100 percent renewable sisal washcloth serves a practical purpose while treating the skin with care. A light scrub all over will stimulate the body and create a healthy glow by encouraging healthy, new skin cells to proliferate.

While you soak, listen to a low-key playlist and close your eyes, or peruse that magazine you’ve been meaning to get to for weeks. Let the aromas and ambience wash away your endless to-do list and focus mindfully on the present moment.

When you’re ready…when your breath has slowed and you’ve sighed at least several deep, cathartic sighs…when the tub temp is starting to cool—look to that fluffy towel you set nearby and consider stepping out.

As you wrap yourself up in hygge heaven, gently pat the skin to dry, treating it gently and thanking it for hanging in there during the tough winter season. Take a moment just to enjoy the soft cocoon of your towel.

Don’t get dressed just yet! Finish off with a lotion to lock in all the restoration your skin has received. JARDIN de l`OLIVIER’s body lotion, packed with nourishing vitamins and designed to rehydrate, has a light blend of lavender, artemisia, and lemon that appeals to both men and women.

Infused with real olive oil, the lotion and its beneficial ingredients will help you take a little hygge with you as you move on with your day. Maybe you’re off to dreamland or maybe you still have some time to curl up with your Netflix watch list.

Wherever you’re headed next, you can be sure your hygge experience will help you get there with a renewed sense of pleasure and peace.