Green Tea Eau de Cologne


Blended with a woody base and herbal notes of green tea, this eau de cologne is the perfect way to top off your morning routine. The light yet powerful scent is ideal for layering over aftershave while also strong enough to stand on its own.

Available in a 1.7 oz bottle, this simple scent evolves throughout the day...just like you.

Product Details

Alcohol 80% volume, Aqua (water), Parfum (fragrance).

Scent Profile

Fragrance Family


How To Enjoy

Hold the bottle three to six inches from the skin and spritz on one or two pulse points. The fragrance will develop into a more personalized scent as it mixes with your skin’s natural oils.

Maximize longevity by applying directly after showering to towel-dried skin.

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Alcohol, water, fragrance

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Green Tea Eau de Cologne