Appreciation Set


Show your appreciation with our two most popular soaps accompanied by two of our favorite accessories.
Arrives wrapped and ready to give in a 100% recyclable gift box.

Product Details 

Appreciation can be shown in many forms, and we like to show it with some of our favorite soaps and accessories.

The Appreciation Set includes:

  • Honey Soap Goats Milk 3.5oz Hex Box
  • Sea Loofa Exfoliating Bath Bar 5oz
  • Sisal Wash Cloth
  • Silk Sponge

Scent Profile

Fragrance Families

Floral; Fresh; Marine

How To Enjoy

Simple and sophisticated, our triple-milled soaps will keep your whole body soft and moisturized with timeless scents.

For maximum longevity store your soap on a surface that doesn't retain water and encourages airflow – like our handcrafted soap dishes.

Gift wrapping:
Options available
All Skin Types
Sulfate Free

Crafted by Artisans. Cherished by You.

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Appreciation Set