Bamboo Complexion Brush


The perfect marriage between form and function, our bamboo series not only looks amazing but will also make you feel amazing. Incorporating facial brushing into your daily routine helps to awaken and invigorate skin. The complexion brush exfoliates and visibly reduces buildup, particularly blackheads and stubborn milia while enhancing lymphatic drainage. The natural boar bristles gently loosen and remove dirt and dead skin cells, leaving a bright and healthy glow.

The complexion brush is 9” long with a 2" head that can be used wet or dry.

Product Details

Bamboo is a renewable resource grown without harmful pesticides or fertilizers. And because it is naturally waterproof and antibacterial, it's perfect for wet or dry use.

Our bamboo brushes are the perfect addition to any bath or shower, a classic and functional bathroom accessory.

Exfoliation Profile

Level of Exfoliation


Why Exfoliate?

Stimulates healthy circulation

Removes top layer of dead skin cells

Opens pores to air, moisture, and nourishment

Leaves a bright and healthy glow

How To Enjoy

Begin at the neck, using gentle downward strokes to encourage lymphatic drainage. Gradually move up the face, applying short, soft strokes from the center outward towards the hairline. Focus extra attention on areas where you notice congestion, puffiness, or buildup. Conclude with long, upward strokes from the neck, moving up the face.

After each use, rinse with clean cool water, shake out, and hang to dry.

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Boars Hair
All Skin Types

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Bamboo Complexion Brush