Shower Combo Gift Box


If you already use and love Provence Sante shower gels and lotions why not purchase together and save yourself 15%!

Our shower combo gift box saves you time and money. Select your favorite provencal fragrance and receive one 10.2oz shower gel and one 10.2oz body lotion (pumps included).

Product Details

Each pump of our luxurious shower gels will leave you feeling cleansed and refreshed. Try it in the tub for a luxuriously bubbly bath. And to enjoy the scent even longer, moisturize afterward with the matching body lotion.

The whimsical gift box contains one 10.2oz shower gel and one 10.2oz body lotion in the same fragrance (pumps included).

Scent Profile

Fragrance Family

Floral; Citrus; Fresh; Woody; Amber


Apricot  |  Bergamot  |  Fig
Jasmine  |  Lavender
Linden  |  Sweet Almond  |  Vervain
Vetiver  |  Wild Rose

How To Enjoy

The multi-use shower gel can be used as a soap in your morning shower or for a relaxing end of day bubble bath. And after you dry off, continue the aromatic experience while you moisturize with the matching light and silky body lotion.

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Shower Combo Gift Box