Our Guiding Principles


"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind." -Johannes Brahms

Our Guiding Principles:  Craftsmanship, Tradition, Innovation and Service

From our humble start as importers of unadorned traditional European bath products 30 years ago, Baudelaire has grown to embrace enhanced design, innovative products; even young upstart companies and products made in America.  Our guiding principles continue to be crucial in the ongoing evolution of Baudelaire:  Craftsmanship, Tradition, Innovation and Service.

Only Simple but Elegant Products of Highest Quality

Our intent is clear.  Baudelaire offers only products with natural, high quality ingredients that have their roots in time honored traditions of craftsmanship and artistry.  Here you will find simple but elegant soaps, as well as body care products and fragrances that combine the traditions of their crafts with contemporary innovations that match today's values and lifestyles. Some products are exclusive to Baudelaire; all are selective.

And, frankly, it delights us to bring these small luxuries into our customers' busy lives. 

Proactive and Progressive Partnerships with Craftsmen Near and Far

We could not possibly do this in isolation and we gratefully embrace the local and global connections that allow us to bring these products to you. These connections range from the women's collectives in Columbia and Romania that produce our handsome natural fiber accessories; to Provence based traditional artisans who passionately create soaps and organic and unique personal fragrances; and, closer to our New England base, craftsmen who embody the exacting techniques and aesthetic sensibilities that we so admire in their overseas counterparts.  

Our efforts to search out and connect with like-minded craftsmen are ongoing.  We understand our niche and the sensibilities and concerns of our customers.  With that in mind, we partner with skilled manufacturers far and wide to create our unique collection of products.  This quest for excellence in partnership has brought us innumerable opportunities and many worthwhile life experiences.

An example of this?  We are the sole U.S. distributors of the organic, aromatherapy formulated Acorelle fragrance line.  In their 100% solar powered facility located in France, Acorelle creates an elegant and affordable personal fragrance line in response to rising concerns about the negative impacts of synthetic fragrances.  We were first on the scene to recognize that our U.S. customers would welcome these unique earth friendly - and people friendly - products. 

Attention to the Ultimate Partnership - Our Customer

Service to those who make this all possible, our customers, is a guiding principle that stands firm at Baudelaire and that serves our organization as well.  We intend for the customer experience to be smooth and satisfying, and, well, delightful.  As caretakers of this experience, Baudelaire welcomes hearing from our customers.  We want you to love this as much as we do.