Mindful Serenity Shower "Mood" Mist


Our latest shower mists collection contains curated blends of pure essential oils, each promising a unique sensory journey. Embrace a new level of self-care and elevate your mood effortlessly.

MINDFUL SERENITY – For the days you're looking to keep your mind reflective and body calm. Embrace your zen with this meditative aroma combination.

Product Details

Whether you seek to set intentions for the day or desire a refreshing break, these layered fragrances will boost your mood with every note. Lighter in nature compared to our Pharmacy Mists, these mists are perfect for indulging in the shower or revitalizing on the go, whether used as a room spray or a personal vaporizer.

Essential Oil blend containing Cedarwood, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Patchouli.

Therapeutic Profile


Calming and Sensible.

Key Ingredients

Natural Cedarwood Essential Oil
Natural Patchouli Essential Oil


Grand Ambition | Clear Focus | Pure Confidence
Tender Love | Absolute Bliss | Mindful Serenity

How To Enjoy

Spray into the steamy air of your shower and take a deep breath or revitalize on the go when used as a room spray or a personal vaporizer.

Adult Use Only. Do not spray on face or body. Avoid eye contact.

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Natural Fragrance
All Skin Types
Sulfate Free

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Mindful Serenity Shower "Mood" Mist