Red Cherry Stone Pillow


This therapeutic pillow is wrapped in a cheerful red cherry theme cotton fabric and backed with cozy pink corduroy, ensuring a soft touch when you need it most. Suitable for hot and cold treatment anywhere on the body to release tension and soothe muscle aches.

Filled with naturally cleaned cherry stones that are a by-product of domestic cherry farming. Natural fiber handles are sewn into the ends for ease of use. Each handmade cherry stone pillow measures 5.5" x 20"

Product Details

An old-world remedy for soreness, strains, and cold beds. Our cherry stone pillows are the MVPs of any season, from muscle aches (and frozen feet) after a day on the slopes to a cozy accessory to warm the coldest winter bed.

Cherry stones hold their temperature, hot or cold, longer than other natural fillers and produce a relaxing "rain stick" sound when handled.

We recommend spot cleaning but cherry stones are machine washable on the gentle cycle if necessary.

Therapeutic Profile

When to Heat?

Release tension knots and muscle stiffness

After a day on the slopes

Before getting into bed

When to Cool?

Dull inflammation and ligament sprains

Recent injury

Chill out on a hot day

How To Enjoy

The pillow can be put in the microwave* for for moist heat therapy or placed within a plastic bag and stored in the freezer for cold therapy. Then apply the pillow to the desired area and enjoy the relief as the pillow forms to your body.

*MICROWAVE INSTRUCTIONS: When heating in a microwave always place a small bowl with 1-2oz of water inside with the pillow. Heat for 30 second intervals until desired temperature is reached; we recommend no longer than 2 minutes.

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Red Cherry Stone Pillow