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To Every Season a Scent

Posted by the Baudelaire Team on Dec 18th 2018

To Every Season a Scent

Posted by the Baudelaire Team on Dec 18th 2018

To Every Season a Scent

Each season brings with it its own set of seductive scents, evoking powerful emotions, memories and experiences. One fragrance might make you feel lively and filled with wanderlust, while another calms and calls you to search for some place to get cozy.

Fragrance offers up an amazing kind of magic—one of the reasons we continue to be fascinated by and passionate about this business after more than three decades. So sit back, relax, and take a tour of the seasons that will conjure up scents both familiar and exotic.


‘Tis the season for winter spices—simmering mulled cider and whiffs of nutmeg and clove. It’s also a time of year when we warm up our ovens (and hearts) with yummy, homemade treats in celebration of the holidays. From tasty, sugary cookies to dark, decadent cakes, the scents of delicious desserts are closely tied to the colder months.

It makes perfect sense that warming fragrances, ranging from spicy to sweet, rule the winter. For example, two of our top-sellers are our innovative, exfoliating Loofa Soaps in Spice and well-loved (Va) Nilla (think of those childhood wafers you adored).

Honey also does the trick when it’s cold and dark outside your door. Rich in both hue and texture, our honey soaps, with their pure vegetable base, can make dry, depleted skin breathe a sigh of relief. Their hygroscopic (moisture-attracting) properties replenish the skin during a season that can be tough on our bodies.

And for a warming but romantic scent, there’s Acorelle perfume. The Vanilla Blossom roll-on, which gives a quick burst of comfort on a dreary day, being one example. With 92% organic ingredients, these portable perfumes are great to use anytime, even when you’re on the go.


As the snow finally melts and the first crocus bulbs push forth the excitement of spring, you intrinsically know it’s time to opt for more floral fragrances. Flowers are the first sign of the warm weather to come, so why not embrace the welcome transition by changing up your personal repertoire of scents, as well?

Acorelle’s Silky Rose Eau Fraiche has a light, refreshing fragrance reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers. With top notes of rose and geranium, as well as fruity facets such as raspberry, it possesses the perfect, bright sweetness for spring.

The same could certainly be said about Provence Santé soap in Lavender, which soothes and uplifts all at once. Whether enjoyed as the after-effect of washing with liquid soap or savored in the tub with a 12 oz. Big Bar, it is a breath of fresh air that’s both delightful and even a little nostalgic.


In bursts summer, as bright as the mid-day sun, with its citrusy, fruity, beachy, green flavors. Everything is packed with gorgeous, dynamic fragrance, and why shouldn’t it be? This is the time when everything is in full flower.

Celebrate the laid-back days of summer with intriguing scents like Vervain. This distinctive, citrusy fragrance from Provence Santé is blended with touches of lemon, orange, and mint. Get it as a traditional bar, a shower gel, or even a bath salt.

Linden, named for the linden or basswood tree, which blooms at the beginning of summer, is also a must-have from Provence Santé. If you haven’t discovered this wistful and inspiring scent yet, it’s time. The Linden tree, also known as the “bee tree” is renowned for its exorbitant amount of nectar, which enriches the honey of bees that harvest from it. Many describe the fragrance of the tree as a combination of jasmine and lemon blossoms.

Though summer’s blooms and fruits may top the list, don’t forget some of the season’s more secretive scents, which are just as powerful. Exfoliating Loofa Mint reminds us of the subtle strength of herbs grown tangled in the kitchen garden. And of course, Sea Loofa takes us to the shoreline, where the salt, sand, and seaweed transport us with memories of carefree childhood summers.


There’s perhaps no time of year as reflective as fall, which draws us inward and prepares us for the cold months ahead. The season’s deep, earthy scents are unforgettable and unlike any others found the whole year through.

Acorelle has several scents that summon up autumn with exceptional accuracy. The first is Land of Cedar, a woody fragrance with orange, lemon, and violet notes. Its strong, musky odor of bark makes it a highly sophisticated match.

Though you might not think it right from the start, Lotus Dream is also an autumny choice, composed of varied notes including lemon, bergamot, orange, and tangerine. Initially zesty, the scent softens and is lengthened by a relaxing, woody chord of patchouli and cedar.

With hot tea, scarves, and foliage on the brain, how could we leave out Provence Santé’s triple milled soap in Bergamot, Vetiver or Fig. Enriched with shea butter, these luxurious soaps lather like no other, and the fragrances require little explanation as to why they’re the perfect pick for fall.

To everything there is a season and for every season a scent, reminding us of all the moments that have brought our intricate, interesting selves together. Which fragrances bring you back? And which will take you forward?