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3 Secrets to Winter Self-Care

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on Feb 3rd 2020

3 Secrets to Winter Self-Care

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on Feb 3rd 2020

3 Secrets to Winter Self-Care

Yes, the magic of winter, with its drifting snow and cozy nights spent fireside, makes this time of year something special. But it can also make us a little crazy in both mind and body. We run from the hectic holiday festivities straight into an energetic new year, skimping on sleep and down time (maybe not washing that makeup off every night).

Up go the stress hormones, and our skin says: No Thanks! On top of that, the lovely, fluffy white blanket outside spurs us to crank the heat inside, and again, our skin says: No Thanks!

Don’t worry, we’ve got the fix. ‘Tis the season to take a few deep breaths, switch up your soap, and bring on the self-care accessories. You don’t have to find hours a day to meditate or practice yoga. You just need a few mini-rituals that will change the game and make winter truly enjoyable.

Bring it On, Honey!

This one is literal—we’re talking actual honey from our sweet friends, the bees. Did you know honey has secret powers that help absorb and maintain moisture? As a sugar, honey is hygroscopic, a fancy way of saying it contains very little water itself but actually attracts that good, hydrating stuff.

Put it in bath products, and what do you get? Gorgeous, nourished skin that can make it even through the driest of seasons. To unlock the loveliness of all this honey goodness, try our Royal Jelly Soap, which combines distinctive, artsy packaging, creamy texture, and a decadent lather. You may even hear your skin give a sigh of relief!

Scrub a Dub Dub (But Gently Please)

With dry, winter skin, it’s easy for pores to get clogged and for a build-up of dead skin cells to hang around. That’s why exfoliation is absolutely your friend at this time of year. BUT you don’t want to overdo it, especially when your skin is in such a sensitive state.

Enter the Sisal Wash Cloth, made from 100% renewable sisal fiber, a spa accessory that’s both friendly to the environment and your body. Great for a light facial scrub, this wash cloth creates a kind, gentle exfoliation ritual that will sweep away any dead cells and stimulate renewed skin health at the same time.

Go Old School

There is pretty much nothing older (or more effective) than the original moisturizer of the gods—olive oil. There is 100% a reason you find mention of this glorious ingredient in ancient stories from cultures around the world. It’s also no surprise it’s still a go-to moisturizer to this day.

A treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, olive oil is the defining element within our Jardin de l'Olivier products. But the luxurious lotion also has the added attraction of its fresh fragrance, a combination of lavender, lemon and artemisia. It will truly leave your feeling like one of the gods.

Bonus Tip: Bathe Mindfully

It might seem like a silly suggestion, but bringing your full attention and presence to your bathing rituals can actually help you slow down, clearing your mind and heart. Think about it—the bath or shower is a quiet space, with running water, which is known to create a calming atmosphere. Maybe you go wild and even add a scented candle and some favorite tunes.

Whether you’ve got five minutes because your kids are banging down the door or a full hour because you cancelled your evening plans to take a breather, try making it a mindful moment. Enjoy the warmth, the gentleness, and the notes of aroma from each of the products you’ve carefully selected. You’ve made an effort to care for and nourish your body, so give yourself a little well-deserved gratitude.