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A Super Ingredient Right From The Sea

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on May 15th 2019

A Super Ingredient Right From The Sea

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on May 15th 2019

A Super Ingredient Right From The Sea

Picture a powerhouse skincare ingredient, packed with minerals, concentrated antioxidants, and vitamins. Imagine it leaving you with youthful-looking skin, smoothed and protected by anti-aging properties. Now imagine that it’s…seaweed.

That’s right! The same wispy, green sea plant you find washed up at the shoreline is also an unrivaled treasure when it comes to body wellness. Take a behind-the-scenes peek at any Hollywood spa, and you’ll find celebrities with faces or even entire bodies wrapped in the stuff, soaking up its seaside essence.

A Simpler Solution

But we know you’ve got a busy schedule and might not feel like dedicating an entire day to the full-on mermaid treatment. That’s why Baudelaire offers a more practical, less messy, dose of ocean-y goodness—our Loofa Soaps.

These bars can literally take the place of a loofa, offering exceptional, gentle exfoliation just through their ingredients, one of which is seaweed (powder).

Get Your Scrub On

Let’s start with exfoliation. The added seaweed powder in each of Baudelaire’s bars forms little clumps, which melt more slowly than the soap itself, creating a perfect exfoliating surface. It’s seriously unlike anything else you have ever tried!

The seaweed is textured enough to offer an invigorating scrub, yet mild enough to avoid irritation. Not only does a refreshing round of exfoliation increase circulation, but it has also been known to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

In the process, dead skin cells are removed, inviting the skin to produce new, healthy cells. The resulting aura of wellness can also be attributed to seaweed’s ability to hydrate. It’s full of humectants, which draw moisture from the environment. Combined with seaweed’s impressive store of Vitamin E, even dried out skin is left with a healthy glow.

Helpful Healing

Seaweed is surprisingly good at protecting skin barraged by harsh winter weather or dry climates. Its natural minerals, which include omega 3s, zinc, and magnesium, help create a protective barrier, giving damaged skin a chance to heal and regenerate.

For this reason, products containing seaweed are often go-to choices for people dealing with acne, rosacea, or other sensitive skin issues. Even some skin pigmentation problems can be mitigated with seaweed. Antioxidants, such as Vitamins B and C, can help heal and reduce the appearance of unusual pigmentation, like that which appears after too much sun exposure.

What’s Your Scent?

The lengthy list of seaweed’s benefits makes it an obvious choice for all different skin types. But beyond how helpful it can be, it’s also nice to add a touch of luxury when you’re stocking up your at-home spa. Blended into four different 100% natural bars, Baudelaire’s Loofa Soaps in Mint, ‘Nilla, Spice, and Sea will totally transport you. You choose the scent, and we’ll provide the seaweed!