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Life in Lussan: The Magic Behind Some of Our Favorite Soaps

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on Nov 19th 2019

Life in Lussan: The Magic Behind Some of Our Favorite Soaps

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on Nov 19th 2019

Life in Lussan: The Magic Behind Some of Our Favorite Soaps

Situated in the heart of Provence, Lussan, a tiny village of old stone and stories, gives travelers a taste of Europe at its finest. Surrounded by impressive stone walls, the village has a large car park below and only pedestrians are invited within.

But don’t be fooled—inside the walls, it’s no typical stroll. Visitors will find ancient streetways, homes with romantic stone balconies, and two castles built centuries ago. There are also several old mills where silk used to be made; in fact, it was once the main trade of this town.

In the village center, you might feel like you’ve time traveled while sipping a drink at an outdoor café watching the goings on. Townspeople come together to play boule, a bocce-like game, and to take part in regular festivals such as "Lussan s'enflamme" the festival of Saint John in late June, which boasts large bonfires or the "Lussan se Livre," a book fair in late August.


There’s much to be savored in the way of culture, with arts playing a leading role in the village’s flavor. Contemporary art installations appear outdoors throughout the year, hanging in mid-air, peeking up from the water, and stretching into the streets.

The Forge of Lussan, an old blacksmith forge, now acts as a fire arts workshop, welcoming experienced artisans and beginners alike. The shop features work by creative artists and is an interesting place to explore this ancient art.

Handcrafted items can also be found at the outdoor markets featured seasonally. Fresh and locally-grown foods, uncommon artwork, and traditional products, like fine soaps, speckle the market, a fun place to wander and pick up gifts from your travels.

Gardens & Views

Along the town's southern walls, wanders the Jardin des Buis, a decorative garden planted with 200 varieties of Mediterranean plants. It’s a lush and enchanting place to explore.

Visitors are also invited to enter one of the original castles, Château of Lussan. Built at the end of the 15th century by the Audibert family, it was seized during the Revolution and has had multiple owners since. Today it is home to the town offices and features breathtaking historical artwork.

For the most part, all that remains of the town’s second castle is its walls. But no trip to Lussan is complete without standing on its ramparts. From there, you can see miles of idyllic French countryside stretched before you with farms, scrubby forests, and classic homesteads. On a clear day, you can even see the Alps!

Provence Sante

Just beyond the village walls, in a seventeenth century stone abbey, is Provence Santé, maker of unparalleled soaps. Continuing the French tradition of exceptional soap craftsmanship, this mission-driven company makes some of the finest body care products in the world. That’s why we’ve been proud to partner with them for the past 25 years.

Two of Provence’s premier experts in French triple milled soap, Stéphane and Natacha LECAILLE, started out with a small cart nestled in the shade at a lively square. Together they founded Provence Santé with the intention of creating products that showcase nature’s blessings.

Their success is evident in the unique, unrivaled scents that make their soaps and fragrances at once simple and entirely sophisticated. The brand’s name also captures their ultimate vision. “Provence,” a region known for pleasure and well-being that has inspired countless artists, including Van Gogh himself, and “Santé,” which refers to a promise kept. All the Promise of Provence, with its heart and magic, is present in these products.

That’s why we’ve been importing their products for decades and continue to be the exclusive distributor for the U.S. So don’t fret if Lussan is on your bucket list but you haven’t made it there yet. You can still enjoy the pleasures of Provence right in your own bath!