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Triple-Milled 101: Not All Soaps are Created Equal

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on Mar 22nd 2024

Triple-Milled 101: Not All Soaps are Created Equal

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on Mar 22nd 2024

Triple-Milled 101: Not All Soaps are Created Equal
Have you ever wondered why certain soaps elevate bathing into a lavish spa indulgence while others merely cleanse? This month, we delve into the realm of triple-milled soaps—your ace in achieving the ultimate bathing experience. Let's get lathered up in the world of superior soaps!

Triple-milled soap... It does have a ring of sophistication, doesn't it? Also dubbed as French-milled, as it was initially perfected by French soap artisans, it's essentially the haute couture of the soap universe.

soap conveyor belt in Provence, France

What is Triple-Milled Soap?

Picture this: soap dough passes through stainless steel rollers not once, not twice, but three times (because good things come in threes). This process homogeneously mixes the soap base with fragrance and other ingredients squeezing out extra moisture and air bubbles, leaving you with the purest form of soap available.

You might have heard that triple-milled soaps are harder than run-of-the-mill soaps. But guess what? It's not about how many times it's been through the rollers, but what's inside that counts. The hardness of soap comes down to the type of fat used in the base formula, not its density. Dense soap is less porous and will not turn to mush in a soap dish or shower stall. Even if it takes a little dip in the water, it'll still come out solid when it dries, although you might spot a few cracks here and there.

soap for sale in a market in France

The Benefits of Triple-Milled Soap

Longevity: Say goodbye to soap disappearing acts! Unlike regular soap that vanishes faster than sweets at a kids' party, these bars stick around because they're heated and pressed to remove excess moisture, resulting in a denser composition. So, wave goodbye to mid-shower soap emergencies!

Consistency and Texture: If regular soap is a one-hit-wonder, triple-milled soap is your favorite classic album - smooth, consistent, and always satisfying. It whips up a creamy, dreamy lather that feels like a gentle embrace from a cloud, leaving your skin feeling luxuriously pampered.

Quality and Purity: Welcome to the VIP section of the soap world. Thanks to the triple milling process, fragrances, and essential oils are evenly distributed throughout every inch of these bars. It's as if each section of the soap is vying to be the most fragrant and pure! Plus, the quality of these soaps is a dream come true for those with sensitive skin or allergies, offering a pure and gentle cleansing experience.

Why Triple-Milled Soap is a Smart Investment

Cost-Effectiveness: While they may come with a slightly higher price tag, triple-milled soaps maintain their quality over an extended period, ultimately making them more economical in the long haul. In other words, you get more bang for your buck and more soap for your soak.

Premium Experience: Elevating your daily routine with triple-milled soap is akin to transforming your bathroom into the luxurious ensuite of a five-star hotel—every. single. day. It's not just about soap; it's about indulging in a sublime experience.

Environmental Aspect: By opting for triple-milled soap, you're not just indulging in a luxurious bathing experience; you're also making a greener choice. The manufacturing process requires less water and energy than traditional soap production methods. Plus, fewer bars used over time mean less waste. Mother Nature is giving you a well-deserved high five!

Are you ready to elevate your soap game? Dive into the luxurious realm of triple-milled soaps at Baudelaire. Explore our various collections, from exfoliating loofa and moisturizing honey to the aromatic fields of Southern France with our luxe Provence Sante line, and treat your skin to the indulgent bath time it deserves.

Baudelaire owners at soap factory in Provence, France
(Photos taken at our soap factory in France | Chris Oberli, Joe Marks, Christina MacLeod)