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When to Change Up Your Self-Care Routine

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on Jun 4th 2019

When to Change Up Your Self-Care Routine

Posted by The Baudelaire Team on Jun 4th 2019

When to Change Up Your Self-Care Routine

Dare we say it??? Winter is officially over! The snow here in New Hampshire has been melted for a solid month or so and temperatures are beginning to creep above the jacket-free mark on a daily basis. Pale, winter-weary New Englanders are emerging from their homes to rake, plant, and generally revel in this newly discovered thing called sunshine.

This is how the annual ritual goes here in NH, but no matter where you live, you surely have seasonal routines of your own. One of them probably entails changing up your skincare routine.

The Seasons & Your Skin

Cold weather paired with dry, indoor heat is a common culprit when it comes to parched, crackly skin. So during winter, we tend to lean heavily on thicker, more moisture-rich products to rejuvenate. At Baudelaire we see a lot of loyal fans reaching for their Honey Soaps.

Honey is hygroscopic, meaning it actually attracts moisture. In addition, our honey bars, such as the Royal Jelly Soap, get a lovely lift of lanolin, which adds to the moisturizing value and makes their lather rich and smooth. Plus their sweet honeycomb designs bring a breath of summer to a dreary day.

When warmer months approach, we’re dealing with different factors—dewier skin, sun, and sweat. While Honey Soaps remain a great choice for keeping skin healthy and happy, this is also a popular time for our Loofa Soaps, which gently exfoliate with seaweed powder.

Their unique formulation makes it possible to get your scrub on without irritating the skin. And it also makes them perfect for brushing away dead skin cells to get that gorgeous summer glow. Available in refreshing scents like Mint, Sea, and Spice, they give your brain and body a stimulating boost.

Finding the Right Fragrance

Fragrance is also an obvious topic for the changing seasons. The innovative, organic fragrances we source from Acorelle Perfume offer an inspiring range—warm, spicy notes for autumn, like Pure Patchouli, and refreshing body mists in scents like Beach Water for the sticky days of June and July.

We could go on and on about these unique fragrances from France and in fact we did in a recent blog post about finding the right scent for every season. Give it a read to find your favorite.

Changes as We Age

Weather isn’t the only factor influencing the self-care products we choose. Age and hormones (which are of course linked), also play a role. Most of us can vividly recall the frustrating skin (and feelings!) of teenage-hood. Maybe there’s a brief reprieve in our 20s and 30s, although work stress, parenthood, and many other elements come into play during that time.

As we continue to get older (and wiser and more beautiful), our skin transforms again. It grows thinner and loses fat content, resulting in more wrinkles and potential discoloration. Dryness and itchiness are also common complaints. Staying hydrated and avoiding things that might exacerbate these issues, like too much sun, smoking, and significant stress, can help skin stay healthy naturally.

It’s also a good idea to steer clear of skin products with harsh chemicals and stick to ingredients that are time-tested. Perhaps one of the longest-standing skincare treasures on the planet is olive oil. Jardin de l'Olivier body lotion boasts all the beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants olive oil is known for.

And it has the added attraction of a fresh, delightful fragrance: a combination of lavender, lemon and artemisia. Moisturizing enough to combat dry heat, yet light enough to remain a go-to for summer, it’s one of those rare finds you’re likely to keep on hand year-round.

Do you have other Baudelaire favorites we didn’t mention? Leave a comment and tell us what your spa, pool house, or jet-setting bag is stocked with.